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Safety is Our #1 Core Value


Safety is our top priority. No operation proceeds until safety has been fully addressed. The safety and health of all our employees is not only critical to our success, it also reflects the collective commitment of every employee each and every day.

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Bill Dutra's Safety Message

Safety is our highest priority. For every challenge that we encounter for any client, in all of our divisions, and with all of our personnel, we put safety first. Our responsibility here at The Dutra Group is to ensure the protection, health and safety of everyone including our employees, clients, sub-contractors and all of those who come in contact with The Dutra Group as we perform our business activities.



The health and safety of Dutra employees is our first priority. Our safety-first approach is a vital and effective resource in eliminating unsafe conditions, reducing injuries and remaining on schedule.

Each and every Dutra employee is required to continually pay attention to the prevention of accidents. Everyone is expected to turn safety into a daily habit.

Managers, supervisor’s and safety personnel provide support and mentorship to maintain safety standards and teach newcomers the best safety practices.

Unsafe acts and conditions are simply not tolerated. To achieve this, a progressive disciplinary process is employed as a tool to prevent future incidents.

We are committed to maintaining a culture that safeguards a healthy, productive and accident-free workplace environment that benefits every employee.

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2023 Safety Update

From 2018 to 2023, The Dutra Group celebrated its best years regarding safety. The Total Recordable Incident Rate and the Lost Time Incident Rate were both at all-time lows, dating as far back as the year 2000.

Safety team

Site Safety and Health Officers play an essential role in facilitating, overseeing, and promoting Dutra’s Safety Program. Safety Representatives, Facility and Project Managers have the authority and responsibility to ensure that the Safety Program is implemented, adhering to the highest safety standards. Every employee is expected to be aware of their personal Stop Work Authority, which, when implemented, is required to receive the full support of our management team.

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The Harvey Freeman Award

In 2010, Dutra’s Safety Department introduced an annual safety award in remembrance of long term employee and member of the extended Dutra family, Harvey Freeman.

In his honor it was entitled the annual “Harvey Freeman Safety Award” and is presented at the company’s annual meeting. Harvey always exhibited the qualities of a dedicated employee whose main concern was the safety of his co-workers. These qualities included integrity, honesty, mutual respect and leadership.

This award is given on an annual basis to a current Dutra employee who demonstrates the qualities of which Harvey would be proud.

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Harvey Freeman

Everyone at Dutra aims to live up to the safety standards set by Harvey Freeman. Harvey was a Heavy Lift Manager for many years and later served as Site Safety Manager at Dutra. He was pro-active in safety and open minded in understanding that safety and production could and should exist together.


Safety Manager

Howard (H) Cooper


Dredge Operator

Kyle Morse


quarry plant manager

Daryle McLaughlin


Dredging Division

Chris Peterson


Site Safety Health Officer

John Krenecki


site safety health officer

Phil Torres


site safety health officer

Karen Maples


fab shop superintendent

Matt Fraser


equipment division

Jerry Roll


dredging operations

Tony Mana


dredging project manager

Chris Milam


dredging superintendent

Dennis Salyers


richmond plant manager

Jon Guglielmini