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California Consumer Privacy Act

This California Privacy Policy (“Policy”) applies to “Consumers” as defined by the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) and supplements any other privacy policies and notices that may be issued by The Dutra Group (“Company”). Note that a Consumer must be a natural person who is a California resident. In the event of a conflict between any other Company policy, statement, or notice and this Policy, this Policy will prevail as to California Consumers and their rights under the CCPA.

This purpose of this Policy is to provide Consumers with a comprehensive description of the Company’s online and offline practices regarding the collection, use, disclosure and sale of “Personal Information” (PI) as defined in the CCPA, and of the rights of Consumers regarding their PI. Terms defined in the CCPA that are used in this Policy shall have the same meaning as in the CCPA.

To the best of the Company’s knowledge, the Company does not normally collect, sell, or disclose PI of non-employee Consumers, either for internal use or for distribution to any third parties. Occasionally, Consumers provide PI to the Company in the course of typical correspondence. The Company may retain some of this information, including names, addresses, telephone numbers, or similar information. The purpose of retaining this information is to keep Consumers up to date on Company activities and events; to understand and respond to Consumer opinions of Company operations; and to foster beneficial communications between the Company and the community.

Additionally, during the continuous global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the Company collects and retains the name of each person who visits its worksites, the date of the visit, the time of the visit, and whether the visitor has passed a temperature screening. Additionally, for employees entering company worksites, the Company collects information as to whether the employee has obtained an electronic COVID-19 symptom screening badge. Occasionally, the Company may require an employee or visitor seeking entrance to a Company worksite to take a rapid COVID-19 test and collect the test results. The purpose of collecting this information is to keep all Company locations as safe as possible and to protect the health of Company employees, their families, and all others that visit Company worksites.

Under the CCPA, Consumers have the following rights regarding Company practices:
(1) Right to request deletion of any PI collected;
(2) Right to request disclosure of any PI collected in the prior 12 months; and
(3) Right to receive non-discriminatory treatment for the exercise of privacy rights.

The Company continues to evaluate its practices and records in relation to the CCPA to ensure compliance with all requirements. To submit a consumer rights request, or to voice a question or concern regarding the CCPA, please call the Company’s hotline at (844) 847-5289 or visit