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Equipment and fabrication support for projects spanning the country from the West Coast to the Gulf of Mexico and the East Coast.




We provide equipment and fabrication support to all Dutra divisions for projects spanning the West Coast, including areas west of the Rocky Mountains, as well as the Gulf of Mexico and the East Coast. The Equipment Division has manned water-accessible maintenance yards and an extensive field service group that performs mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, machining and other major repairs on both land and marine equipment in the field and in the shop. This mobile group is on call 24/7, ready to deploy for quick response on emergency work. Dutra Equipment’s flexibility and the expertise of its people minimize equipment downtime.




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Equipment Retrofitting and Custom Fabrication Solutions

dutra equipment

Equipment Maintenance, Capital Repairs and Safety Programs

dutra equipment

Shipyard Repairs, Inspections and Equipment Engineering



Fabrication Shop

Dutra Fabrication complements the strength and scope of the Dutra Equipment team, offering high-quality steel fabrication directly to Dutra Group clients. The fabrication shop's waterside location in Rio Vista, California, gives clients both barge and land transportation options.

Dutra fabrication has the equipment, tools and personnel to provide full service fabrication services to the marine construction, dredging and aggregate industries.

Dutra Fabrication is a full service fabricator and can build flotation, components and entire plants, using innovative & creative manufacturing solutions.

Dutra Fabrication has provided industry with pipe and pile splicing for marinas, falsework & pipelines from spool sizes to 1,000' using high quality steel fabrication & welding.

Dutra Fabrication has unique abilities to load & transport our manufactured products and piles directly onto barges for transport throughout Bay Area waterways & ocean transport.


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