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A leading heavy civil and marine contractor that strengthens and supports our nation’s infrastructure through sustainable dredging and marine construction.


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The Dutra Group is an industry leader made up of three distinct but integrated divisions that provide a turn-key, one-stop organization. Dutra Dredging, Construction and Materials have the capacity and capability to handle any sized project—delivered with reliability, pride and experience.



Safety is our top priority. No operation proceeds until safety has been fully addressed. The safety and health of all our employees is not only critical to our success, but it also reflects the collective commitment of every employee each and every day.

Dutra has many experienced and talented people who strive every day to be responsive and deliver the highest quality product possible. We take great pride in our consistency and effectiveness because we know that good business is about delivering high value to our customers.

We define integrity as acting with honesty, transparency, and trustworthiness in all aspects of our internal and external relationships. It embodies how we treat each other as employees, how we treat our customers, and how we represent ourselves to the subcontractors that work by our side.

Dutra is committed to contributing to the communities we serve in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Dutra will always operate in the safest manner possible for the surrounding community. We believe a sense of community starts from within and is evident in the strong bond we have among our employees.

Our relationships mean the world to us. It is critical that we treat our partners with integrity and honesty, holding ourselves accountable for our actions, decisions, and policies. Every day we strive to develop and foster a positive relationship with our employees, customers, suppliers, and subcontractors.



Dutra’s mission is to strengthen our nation’s maritime infrastructure and improve our waterways through sustainable dredging, marine construction, and aggregate manufacturing. The “Three Cs” of Dutra— Capacity, Capability, and Character—reflect our commitment to the many public and private customers we work hard for, to the safety and growth of our team, and to our core values that have guided us since 1904.

Over 100 years of service

Dutra's History

The Dutra family’s involvement in the construction industry started with sidedraft clamshell dredging more than a century ago.

museum of dredging

The Dutra

The Dutra Museum of Dredging is a private collection of items representing the history of side-draft clamshell dredging in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and the role that the Dutra family and Dutra companies have played in creating the Delta’s infrastructure. The collection, unique in scope and size, spans the century that has elapsed since the introduction of steam-powered dredging equipment to the California Delta.



Economy & Jobs

The San Rafael Rock Quarry provides a local source of material for important public works and private development projects in the community that is home to The Dutra Group’s headquarters. Dutra employs approximately 175 people year-round, and many more seasonally.

Emergency Relief & Disaster Prevention

Locally in Marin County, the Quarry has responded to levee failures in Novato near Rowland Boulevard and Hamilton Field, hillside slides in Fairfax and Larkspur, and flooding in downtown San Anselmo.


On a broader scale, the Quarry is a major supplier of materials for the levee system in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.


The Quarry was called upon to carry out the emergency repair of 29 levees in the Delta, whose collapse would have devastated not only the region but the state’s water supply. The Delta is home to thousands of residents, critical agricultural resources, and many avian and aquatic species.

Traffic & Congestion

What makes the San Rafael Rock Quarry unique is that it is the only Northern California quarry with direct waterside access and a barge delivery system whose operation removes trucks from roadways, reducing traffic congestion and vehicle emissions. It also allows us to provide essential materials to locations in and beyond the Delta, some of which are accessible only by water.

Being Good Neighbors

The San Rafael Rock Quarry is committed to maintaining a good-neighborly relationship with its community. Here are a few examples of the efforts the Quarry makes/has made to do this:


  • It restricts work on some of the noisiest operations to weekdays during daylight hours.
  • It sweeps Point San Pedro Road every day.
  • It installed a new truck-wash station to minimize debris tracked onto Point San Pedro Road.
  • It limits the number of daily truck trips to and from the Quarry.
  • It incorporated reduced-noise back-up alarm systems on the trucks that work at the Quarry.
capacity, capability & character

Community garden

Dutra and The Trust for Public Land built a new community garden in Marin to replace the one that was lost when San Rafael’s Pickleweed Community Center expanded.

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