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We build marine infrastructure, maintain our nation’s harbors and waterways, and help protect coastal regions.

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Ports, Harbors & Waterways

Deepening and Maintaining our Nation’s Waterways.

dutra services

Coastal Protection & Restoration

Building Resilience Now and for the Future.

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Bridges, Piers, Bulkheads & Seawalls

Building and Maintaining Critical Waterfront and Transportation Infrastructure.

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Environmental Remediation

Empowering Environmental Responsibility and Stewardship.

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Leevees & Breakwaters

Protecting Channels, Homes, Business, and Agriculture.

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Beach Renourishment, Marshes & Wetlands

Our Commitment to the Preservation of the Natural World.

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Emergency Response

The Way We Work: First to Respond and Last to Leave.

dutra services

Emerging & Underserved Markets

Working Toward the Future and Social Equity.

capacity, capability & character

Dutra Equipment

Provides equipment and fabrication for all Dutra projects, spanning the country from the West Coast to the Gulf of Mexico and the East Coast. We have manned water-accessible maintenance yards and an extensive field service group.




President Ghilotti Construction

Richard Ghilotti

Dutra not only provides excellent customer service, but has made considerable contributions to the growth of our community over the years.

President, eTrac Engineering, LLC

Michael Mueller

Dutra keeps work moving around the clock by implementing powerful new technologies for survey and monitoring that provide real-time quality control.

Chief of Facility Management

Ed Walls

Every facet of the project–from the existing pier's deconstruction to the construction of a new pier–was flawlessly executed and completed on schedule.

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