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The Dutra family’s involvement in the construction industry started with sidedraft clamshell dredging, more than a century ago.




Our History, Over 100 Years of Experience

The Dutra family’s involvement in the construction industry started over a century ago with side-draft clamshell dredging. In 1904, Antone Dutra, grandfather of The Dutra Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Bill T. Dutra, took the first steps in the creation of the company’s historic association with the construction and maintenance of the California Delta levee system. Since then, members of the family have been continuously engaged in this highly specialized branch of the dredging industry. Today, the company has expanded into various other types of dredging, marine construction, and the production, sale and placement of rock products.

Bill T. Dutra has been contributing to the development of the dredging and marine construction industry for over five decades. In 1972, at age 26, Bill formed Dutra Construction Company, Inc., based in Rio Vista, California. Over the years, the company expanded with the creation of Dredging and Materials divisions — with multiple locations in the San Francisco Bay Area — that serve clients across the nation. Bill has grown The Dutra Group from Delta levee builder and rock distributor to a strong, diverse nationwide competitor. Through both successes and hardships, Bill never lost sight of the roots that gave him his vision and passion for work in this industry.