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Harvey Freeman Award

In 2010, Dutra’s Safety Department introduced an annual safety award in remembrance of long term employee and member of the extended Dutra family, Harvey Freeman.

In his honor it was entitled the annual “Harvey Freeman Safety Award” and is presented at the company’s annual meeting. Harvey always exhibited the qualities of a dedicated employee whose main concern was the safety of his co-workers. These qualities included integrity, honesty, mutual respect and leadership.

Harvey was pro-active in safety and open minded in understanding that safety and production could and should exist together. This award is given on an annual basis to a current Dutra employee who demonstrates the qualities of which Harvey would be proud.

Year Recipient Position/Division
2019 Chris Peterson Dredging Division
2018 John Krenecki Site Safety Health Officer
2017 Phil Torres Site Safety Health Officer
2016 Karen Maples Site Safety Health Officer
2015 Matt Fraser Fab Shop Superintendent
2014 Jerry Roll Equipment Division
2013 Tony Mana Dredging Operations
2012 Chris Milam Dredging Project Manager
2011 Dennis Salyers Dredging Superintendent
2010 Jon Guglielmini Richmond Plant Manager

Harvey Freeman | Dutra Group
Dutra Group | Harvey Freeman Award