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The health and safety of Dutra employees is our most important priority, they serve as a vital and effective resource in eliminating unsafe conditions and reducing injuries.

Implementation of the Safety Program is facilitated through the office of the Dutra Safety Manager. Each Facility or Project Manager and appointed Safety Representative has been given the authority and responsibility to ensure the implementation of this program.

It is necessary that all persons in the company give their constant attention to accident prevention. Safety must become a daily habit for each employee. Every employee is aware of their personal Stop Work Authority and when implemented receives the full support of our management team. In addition, we expect our experienced employees to partner with and/or mentor new employees with regards to safe practices.

Unsafe acts and conditions will not be tolerated. To this end, a progressive disciplinary process is in effect and will be used as a tool to mitigate future incidents.

At Dutra, we manage the Safety and Health Program of our business the same way we manage production and quality control. We know that it is the management and implementation of our Safety and Health program that makes it effective, and we are committed to maintaining a Safety culture that is supported across all levels of the company.

Working together, we can succeed in having a safe, healthful and profitable workplace from which we all will benefit.