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Dutra Dredging, with over 100 years in the dredging business, is strategically headquartered in the San Francisco Bay. It employs the latest technologies and operates under comprehensive regulatory oversight and strict compliance reporting requirements, performing environmentally-conscientious dredging for both the public and private sectors along the entire Pacific Coast region.

Dutra Dredging Provides:

  • Maintenance dredging and navigation improvements in ports, harbors, shipping channels and inland waterways
  • One of the largest fleets on the Pacific Coast
  • Environmental habitat restoration
  • Contaminated sediment remediation
  • Infrastructure demolition
  • Submerged and upland slope protection
  • Underwater foundations and footings
  • Wetlands construction and reclamation

Dutra's breadth of projects and staff of experienced and tenured engineers enable it to outpace the competition with a broad range of cost effective removal and disposal options including:

  • Split Hull dump and hopper scow open water disposal
  • Re-handling of spoils to upland locations
  • Hydraulic sediment pump-off and placement
  • Dewatering & off-haul

Projects Include:

  • Upper Newport Bay ecosystem restoration
  • Port of San Francisco maintenance dredging
  • Port Gardner redevelopment 12th Street marina project in Everett, WA
  • Port of Tacoma, WA - Blair Waterway
  • Port of Oakland's 50' deepening and reuse at the Montezuma Wetlands
  • Point Portero, CA, former Naval Shipyard - Contaminant remediation and capping
  • Martinez, CA Peyton Slough Remediation

Dutra Dredging fleet of equipment includes:

  • Diesel and electric derrick and deck-mounted crane barges
  • Hydraulic dredging and pipeline systems
  • Tugboats, survey boats and workboats
  • Tender and crew boats
  • Digging and environmental clamshell/dragline buckets ranging in size from 5 to 30 cubic yards
  • Material and rehandling deck barges
  • Three waterfront marine/storage facilities

Accolades for Dutra Dredging
"Dutra Dredging has been an industry leader and dedicated partner in embracing and implementing many of the powerful new technologies for survey, tracking and monitoring that provide real-time quality control and reporting.

Dutra's implementation of this technology keeps the work moving around the clock with increased safety while simultaneously generating comprehensive and reliable information streams for regulatory agencies and project owners."

Michael Mueller
President, eTrac Engineering, LLC