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Material Division

The San Rafael Rock Quarry has been operating for over 100 years. We are a state-designated resource and the only waterfront operation in Northern California that can transport materials via barge to specific project destinations. The Dutra Group purchased the Quarry in 1986, and since then we have contributed materials to countless local public works and private development projects.

Located in the county of Marin just outside the city limits of San Rafael, the Quarry supplies materials and resources to an extensive list of clients and projects throughout the region. Building materials from the San Rafael Rock Quarry have a role in approximately 90 percent of Marin County projects.

The San Rafael Rock Quarry has proudly served the Marin County community and the State of California for more than 100 years.  Throughout its history, the Quarry has been a vital resource for our local community. In 1986, Bill Dutra purchased the Quarry, and the Dutra family has owned and operated this facility ever since.

We take great pride in our deep and longstanding working relationship with the State of California, and more importantly Marin County.  We have strong ties with all cities in Marin County as evidenced by our disaster prevention and emergency relief work.