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Meet Donna

Meet Donna Fraser, a Certified Supplier Diversity Professional and The Dutra Group’s Small Business Liaison Officer (SBLO). Starting as an administrative assistant in 2006, Donna's dedication led her up the ranks to become a purchasing agent and, ultimately, the company's SBLO in 2018. Donna actively mentors The Dutra Group’s small business community members and attends training events to promote supplier diversity and small business subcontracting. Donna's achievements include graduating from Dutra's CLIMB leadership program and obtaining her certification as a Supplier Diversity Professional. With her expertise, Donna is committed to serving people by ensuring that diverse and qualified suppliers are included in the The Dutra Group’s procurement processes. Her efforts to promote small business inclusivity foster both growth and innovation within our industry.


Small Business

Supporting small businesses is more than just a checkmark to The Dutra Group; it is a serious commitment deeply ingrained in our values and shared responsibility to the community. The SBLO fulfills this role by assisting with the pre-qualification process, guiding small businesses towards subcontracting opportunities, and providing access to essential resources, networking events, and training programs. Acting as the small business point of contact, Donna actively engages with The Dutra Group’s thriving list of small business subcontractors and ensures their capability statements are included in our approved vendor base. The SBLO serves as a reliable source of information concerning various small business certification programs in addition to extending support to interested participants seeking to explore our subcontracting opportunities. With this dedication, we foster an environment where small businesses can thrive and succeed, reflecting our commitment to their growth and the shared success of everyone involved in The Dutra Group’s marine construction and dredging activities.


Small Business

We believe in fostering a diverse and inclusive business environment, and we actively seek partnerships with small businesses like yours. As a potential small business subcontractor, it’s helpful for you to understand the types of opportunities that are most common at The Dutra Group.


We offer a wide range of subcontracting opportunities, including:


  • Fuel, oil, and grease services
  • Electrical work and mechanical services
  • Trucking and hauling services
  • Demolition expertise
  • Landscaping and hydroseeding
  • Rebar installation and concrete supply
  • Steel and lumber supply and services
  • Welding and fabrication
  • Inspection services, including surveying and biomonitoring
  • Small tools, supplies, and equipment rentals; and
  • Marine support, including crew boats, tug and tow services, ship stores, and equipment rental.


The Dutra Group takes pride in collaborating with skilled professionals like you, and we encourage you to explore these subcontracting areas to determine if a partnership with The Dutra Group is the right fit for your business. We look forward to the opportunity to work together and achieve mutual success.