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Drought Emergency – Temporary Rock Barrier

Drought Emergency – Temporary Rock Barrier

Project Description

Dutra installed a barrier made up of approximately 150,000 tons of embankment rock and 35,500 sf of sheet piles across the West False River between Jersey and Bradford islands. The barrier was to prevent saltwater from pushing with the tides into the central Sacramento- San Joaquin Delta from the San Francisco Bay. 

With the drought in its fourth year, this was an essential part of the DWR’s strategy to maintain good water quality in the Delta, which provides water to 25 million Californians.

Major Challenges

Main challenge was to achieve full closure of False River in 45 days.  Liquidated Damages if not completed were $15,000/ day.   Actual closure took 23 days, with final placement of remaining rock in 28 days.  

Challenges included working in the increasing currents of False River. 

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