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Patty Dutra Bruce

Patty Dutra Bruce serves as Vice President, Human Resources for The Dutra Group. As Vice President, Patty is responsible for setting, enforcing, and evaluating Human Resources policies, procedures, and best practices for the company. She leads the company culture and is responsible for the best interest of the Dutra employee. She manages employee relations, develops sustainable compensation and benefits, and manages an industry-leading 401(k). She joined Dutra in 2003 and worked in the Safety & Risk Management Department and helped develop a culture of safety to improve employees’ working environment.

In addition to her work at Dutra, Patty is the President of the Dutra Museum Foundation. The foundation supports the Dutra Museum of Dredging, a private collection of materials representing the history of sidedraft clamshell dredging in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and the role the Dutra family played in building the Delta infrastructure. The Foundation’s commitment also includes the annual funding of higher education scholarships. There she leads museum development and public relations efforts while serving as the philanthropic resource for employees. 

In 2018, she was the first woman ever appointed as a Trustee on the Pension, Annuity, Health & Welfare, Pensioned Health & Welfare, and Affirmative Actions Trusts for Operating Engineers Local 3 Trust Fund. The Trust is responsible for health, welfare, pension, training and apprenticeship programs for California, Utah, Nevada, and Hawaii. She also serves as a Board of Director on Operating Engineers’ Assistance and Recovery Program.

Patty is a Human Resources Certified Professional. Additionally, she obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Montana State University and earned her Master of Arts in History from Sonoma State University.