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Marine Construction Heavy Lift

The ripple effects of the devastating tsunami which struck Japan in March 2011 were felt as far away as Crescent City Harbor, California. Significant and widespread damage was caused to the harbor including the sinking of many boats. The harbor is critical to the fishing industry in Northern California; as such long term closure of the harbor can have lasting negative economic impact to the community.

Dutra was contracted by Global Diving to remove sunken and partially submerged vessels from the harbor, along with expediting harbor clean-up. Using the Derrick Barge No. 24, Dutra safely removed over numerrous boats (ranging from 30' to 80') allowing the harbor to quickly regain operations.

This is just one example of Dutra's salvaging and vessel recovery services, which have been an integrated part of our company's heritage for over forty years. This experience has provided Dutra a unique understanding of the challenges associated with salvaging and vessel recovery operations as well as working in a variety of water environments throughout the West Coast.

We have recovered a variety of equipment including:

  • Fishing and Tug Boats
  • Mine Sweepers (World War II era)
  • Cars and other vehicles
  • Barges/Derricks
  • Submarine Chasers
  • Airplanes

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Dutra Group Marine Construction | Heavy Lift

Marine Construction | Heavy Lift | Dutra Group