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Dutra Management

Board of Directors

Lynn Barr | Dutra Group

Lynn Barr

Bill Dutra | Dutra Group

Bill Dutra

Richard D. Farnsworth | Dutra Group

Richard D. Farnsworth

Major General Don Riley, P.E. (Retired) | Dutra Group

Major General Don Riley, P.E. (Retired)

Harry Stewart | Dutra Group

Harry Stewart


Bill Dutra | Dutra Group

Bill Dutra
Chief Executive Officer

Harry Stewart | Dutra Group

Harry Stewart
Chief Operating Officer

James Hagood | Dutra Group

James Hagood
Sr. Vice President & Director of Finance

Molly F. Jacobson | Dutra Group

Molly F. Jacobson
Chief Administrative Officer & General Counsel

Kevin Mohr | Dutra Group

Kevin Mohr
Chief Financial Officer

Divisions & Departments

Ryan Abood | Dutra Group

Ryan Abood
Assistant Delta Manager

Craig Atwood | Dutra Group

Craig Atwood
Cost Analyst

Joy Bily | Dutra Group

Joy Bily
General Counsel of Operations

Todd Bruce | Dutra Group

Todd Bruce
Senior Project Manager

Ross Campbell | Dutra Group

Ross Campbell
Quarry Engineer

Mike Cole | Dutra Group

Mike Cole
Purchasing Manager

Howard Cooper | Dutra Group

Howard Cooper
Safety Manager

Aimi Dutra | Dutra Group

Aimi Dutra
Public Relations Director

Patty Dutra Bruce | Dutra Group

Patty Dutra Bruce
Human Resources

Mike Edde | Dutra Group

Mike Edde
Vice President Chief Estimator

Tim Ekren | Dutra Group

Tim Ekren
Hopper Dredge Manager

Dennis Ferguson | Dutra Group

Dennis Ferguson
Equipment Analyst

Cliff J. Hunt | Dutra Group

Cliff J. Hunt
Vice President Risk Manager

Steve Hutchison | Dutra Group

Steve Hutchison
Senior Project Manager

Aaron Johnson | Dutra Group

Aaron Johnson
Vice President Materials Manager

John (JC) Krause | Dutra Group

John (JC) Krause
Vice President Dredging Division Manager

Steve Lee | Dutra Group

Steve Lee
Vice President Equipment Manager

Chris Milam | Dutra Group

Chris Milam
Senior Project Manager

Bryan O'Sullivan | Dutra Group

Bryan O'Sullivan
Construction Division Manager

Dennis Salyers | Dutra Group

Dennis Salyers
Dredging Superintendent

MJ Samiri | Dutra Group

MJ Samiri

Brandon Sanders | Dutra Group

Brandon Sanders
Senior IT Manager

Iain Searle | Dutra Group

Iain Searle
Port Engineer

Chuck Walker | Dutra Group

Chuck Walker
Delta Manager

Will Wallgren | Dutra Group

Will Wallgren
Business Development and Government Relations