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Economy and Jobs
The San Rafael Rock Quarry provides a local source for important public works and private development projects in the community.  The Dutra Group employs approximately 175 people and many more seasonally.

Emergency Relief and Disaster Prevention
Locally, the Quarry has responded to levee failures in Novato near Rowland Blvd. and Hamilton Field, hillside slides in Fairfax and Larkspur, and flooding in downtown San Anselmo.

On a broader scale, the Quarry is a major supplier of materials to the levee system in the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta.  In 2006, our Quarry was called upon to carry out the emergency repair of 29 levees in the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta, the collapse of which would have devastated the region and the state’s water supply.  The Delta is home to thousands of residents, precious agricultural resources, and many species of birds and aquatic life.

Traffic & Congestion
What makes the Quarry unique is that we are the only Northern California Quarry with direct waterside access and a barge delivery system the operation of which removes trucks from roadways, reducing traffic congestion and vehicle emissions.  It also allows us to provide essential materials to locations in the Delta, and beyond, some of which are only accessible by water.

Being Good Neighbors
The San Rafael Rock Quarry is committed to maintaining a good relationship with its neighbors. Here are a few examples of the steps taken by the San Rafael Rock Quarry to ensure that we are a good neighbor:

  • Restricted work hours on some of the more audible operations to weekday day-time hours
  • Implemented a daily street-sweeping of Point San Pedro Road
  • Installed a new truck wash station to reduce debris track-out onto Point San Pedro Road
  • Limited the amount of daily truck trips to and from the Quarry
  • Put into use the reduced noise back-up alarm systems on the trucks at the Quarry