Current Projects

  • Maintenance Dredging

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    Delaware River Main Channel Deepening

    Dutra’s Hopper Dredge Stuyvesant transits the Panama Canal in route on the Delaware River.
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  • Marine Construction

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    West Harbor Marina

    Dutra’s Crane Barge Kelso drives a 14 inch guide pile to secure the new concrete floating docks at the San Francisco Marina...
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  • Maintenance Dredging

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    Marina Del Rey Harbor

    The Dredge Paula Lee ensures depth in the navigation channel and sand traps with near shore placement and disposal...
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  • Basin Reconstruction

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    Crescent City Inner Harbor

    Dutra Construction is under contract to reconstruct the Crescent City Inner Harbor Basin that was devastated by the tsunami...
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Marine Construction


Levee Work




The Dutra Group

The Dutra Group is made up of three distinct but integrated companies that provide a turn-key, one-stop organization supplying services to those who want to work with an industry leader. Dutra Dredging, Construction, and Materials have the capability to handle any sized project in all aspects of land and marine construction, from the overall concept to the slightest detail. With one call, our customers know they can have it all -- delivered with reliability, pride and experience.

Dutra Dredging supports a wide range of customers from governmental agencies to private industry members. From new projects to maintenance dredging with an emphasis on environmental protection, our company utilizes the best people, equipment and facilities to meet the needs of our diverse client base.

Dutra Marine Construction provides the expertise and required resources to build in a multitude of marine environments. Most of our marine construction projects involve activities such as bridge and pier construction, pile driving, demolition, levee maintenance, rock placement and mooring systems.

Dutra Materials primary source of aggregate is strategically located in one of the fastest growing areas in the Western United States. The San Rafael Rock Quarry has in excess of 50 million tons of aggregate reserves with the only waterside distribution center in the San Francisco Bay Area. Dutra Materials uniqueness is its ability to be the most cost-effective transporter of quality aggregate in this region.

With our combined dredging, marine construction and materials resources, The Dutra Group brings a strong commitment and competitiveness for growth and development to our valued clients in our geographical area.