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Napa-Sonoma Marshes Wildlife Area's Plant Restoration

Marine Construction Project in Counties of Napa-Sonoma, CA

Project Details

Client: Ducks Unlimited
Location: Counties of Napa-Sonoma, CA
Highlights: This tidal restoration project benefited a multitude of wildlife and provided public access


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Project Description

Project goal was to restore a complex combination of tidal marshes and sloughs along the Napa River and Fagan Slough to their original condition after decades of diking and draining had converted the land for use as salt evaporation ponds and hay production.

The project specifically intended to benefit a multitude of wildlife, including threatened and endangered species, while also incorporating relocation and upgrades of site infrastructure with enhancement of beneficial public access.

Major Challenges
The entire project was constructed within a sensitive habitat area, already actively populated with threatened and endangered species, and required strict compliance with permits and cooperative participation with the Client and numerous stakeholders. 

Project Scope

  • Lower perimeter levees along the Napa River and Fagan Slough.
  • Breach levees at strategic locations in an existing barge channel and along Fagan Slough.
  • Excavate channels to lower internal levees.
  • Raise levees along adjacent properties and the Northwest Pacific Railroad to provide flood protection as well as valuable tidal flow to uplands and transitional ecozone habitat.
  • Relocate an asphalt road and construct gravel paths for public use areas.
  • Demolish a well and pump station.