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Newport Beach Marina Park

Marine Construction Project in Newport Beach, CA

Project Details

Client: City of Newport Beach
Location: Newport Beach, CA

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Project Description

The Newport Beach Marina Park project involved construction of a new community center, sailing center, park area, playgrounds, and marina in the vibrant Newport Beach community of the Balboa Peninsula.  Dutra constructed Phase Two of the project which included construction of a new concrete bulkhead seawall, dredging of a boat basin, beach nourishment, stone column ground improvements and site improvements.  The project was successfully delivered in a tight working window around other phases of the project.

Major Challenges
Major challenges on the project included driving concrete sheet piles through a dense layer of sand, coordinating the installation of the grouted tiebacks through the bulkhead seawall and around the adjacent stone columns, and working in a highly visible area surrounded by neighborhood communities.  Dutra partnered with the local stakeholders to limit pile driving hours and minimized noise pollution by using a shroud around the hammer.  Additionally, strict truck routes were used to transport dredged sand to nearby beaches to minimize traffic congestion in the community.

Project Scope

  • Installed 239 concrete sheet piles ranging from 35’ to 39’ long and 3’ to 4’ wide
  • Installed a curved concrete cap along length at top of the bulkhead seawall
  • Installed grouted tiebacks to support the bulkhead wall
  • Dredged 40,000 cubic yards to create the boat basin
  • Near shore disposal of 23,500 cubic yards of dredge spoils and beach nourishment of 16,500 cubic yards of sand recycled from dredging activities
  • Vibro Displacement Stone Columns (VDSC) covering 50,000 square feet for ground improvements to support future buildings