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Cullinan Ranch Wetland Restoration, Phase IV

Marine Construction Project in Solano County, CA

Project Details

Client: Ducks Unlimited
Location: Solano County, CA
Highlights: Restoration of tidal marsh for the benefit of federally listed species


Project description

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Project Description

The project goal was restoration of Cullinan Ranch to tidal marsh subsequent to historical diking and draining operations employed to create agricultural land for farming oats and hay.  The fallow and heavily subsided site presented a unique opportunity for creation of native habitat for the Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse and Ridgway’s Rail, among other threatened and endangered species of wetland plant and wildlife.

Major Challenges
This project involved an unprecedented level of cooperation between numerous agencies, all working toward a common goal of reintroducing tidal waters to the Cullinan Ranch for the first time in 100 years. The project finished on schedule to hit its target date for a long planned and well attended public breaching ceremony.

Project Scope

  • Lower 3.75 miles of incumbent levee system.
  • Breach levees to reintroduce tidal water to the site.
  • Install silt fence barrier for habitat.