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Crescent City Marina

Marine Construction Project in Crescent City, CA

Project Details

Client: Crescent City was Crescent City Harbor District
Location: Crescent City, CA

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Project Description

The Crescent City Harbor is historically vulnerable to Tsunami events. This project consisted of constructing a Tsunami Resistant Marina within a functioning marina basin over two environmental windows for in-water work. The project consisted of shoreline demolition and re-work, removal and demolition of existing docks and piles, with related utilities, reconstruction of the harbor rock slope protection and upland pedestrian facilities.

Major Challenges
The major challenges associated with this project were the remote location which has no freeway access, long marine routes, and very limited resource availability. Installation of the new piles required drilling them into place rather than simply driving them.  Casting large Tsunami barriers on-site due to their massive size and weight, and tight plumb tolerances necessitated by the extreme tide ranges the facility was designed to accommodate.

Project Scope

  • Phased work involving shifting vessels from existing to new berths during construction.
  • 173 drilled HDPE sleeved guide pile installation.
  • Fabricate and install 51,000 Square Feet of Design Build Concrete Docks.
  • Fabricate and install of 6,500 Square feet of massive Tsunami Barrier floats.
  • Removal and disposal of 70,000 tons of slope protection.
  • Installation of 50,000 tons of new slope protection rock.
  • Installation of Electrical and Mechanical Systems.
  • Demolition and disposal of old marina piles and floats.