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Brannan Street Wharf

Marine Construction Project in San Francisco, CA

Project Details

Client: Port of San Francisco
Location: San Francisco, CA
Delivery Method: Design-Bid-Build
Highlights: ASCE San Francisco Section and Region 8 awarded Brannan Street Wharf the 2013 Airports & Ports Project of the Year.


Project Description

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Project Description

Brannan Street Wharf is a new public park located in the center of the emerging South Beach waterfront in the Port of San Francisco. The wharf was constructed over water and is supported by 220 piles. The cast-in-place deck is 57,000 square feet. It provides a 400 foot long lawn area, a waterside walkway with seating, and a shade structure for the public.

Major Challenges
The site is located in a high traffic urban area on the San Francisco Embarcadero, with pedestrians, streetcars, automobile traffic, and restaurants requiring traffic control. To minimize intrusion Dutra mobilized all large equipment and materials by water. Port traffic included the America Cup’s active wharf adjacent to the project, and cruise ship traffic. Construction adjacent to existing seawall and other structures required careful construction measures and monitoring. This included the use of a bubble curtain during pile driving operations.

Project Scope

  • Repaired and strengthened 1,000 feet concrete bulkhead seawall.
  • Removed 8,200 square feet and 84 supporting piles of existing bulkhead wharf.
  • Constructed 57,000 square foot of cast-inplace decking.
  • Constructed a 23,500 square foot raised lawn area.
  • Reconstructed a 4,400 square foot addition to Embarcadero promenade.
  • Pile driving - 220 new piles