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Emergency Levee Erosion and Stability Repairs (South) 2017

Delta Division Project in Dixon Clarksburg and Tracy

Project Details

Client: Department of Water Resources, State of California
Location: Dixon Clarksburg and Tracy

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Project Description

The original Contract entailed the emergency repairs of 7 sites were the levee had severely eroded away. Change orders added 12 additional sites, increasing the total number of sites increasing the number of sites to 19. The repair process entailed excavating to remove all compromised material and then repairing the slope with a variety of materials including agricultural soil, launch rock, and rockfill. Additionally the repaired slopes were then coated in a hydroseed mix and an erosion control blanket when necessary.

Major Challenges
One of the major challenges of the job was the amount of time given to complete the work. 2 of the sites had to be completed within two weeks (September 30th) of us receiving notice to begin work. A further two sites had to be completed by October 15th, and all work to be done in the water had to be completed by October 31st. Several of the sites presented their own unique challenge. The Excavation footprint at site 14 on Liberty Island had to be redesigned because it continued to erode. And Site 15 along the San Joaquin River near Tracy had eroded to 30 feet below the water level. Four of the sites along Elk slough required the protection of local trees, including Elderberries, and required that barricades be erected to protect them during rock placement.

Project Scope
The Primary Scope of the Project was the repair of the levee at 19 sites spread out across Region 2.The project consisted of the placement of  11,298 CY of Earthfill, 66,493 Tons of Launch Rock, and 18,883 Tons of Rockfill. These materials were brought in by both Trucks and Barges depending on the best method of site access.

Safety Issues Encountered
While working we had several safety concerns that we were aware of. Several sites were in public areas and we worked to ensure the safety of people and property near and within the work sites. Additionally most of the sites were near each other and had work occurring concurrently. Communication and proper distribution of key personnel was critical in ensuring that our multiple operations did not interfere with each other. The duration of the project was another concern. Due to the time restrictions on the project we had multiple crews working 10 to 12 hour shifts 7 days a week.