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Dutra Awards

ASCE 2017 Project of the Year Award DWR Storm Damage Emergency Rehabilitation

The original contract entailed the emergency repairs of 7 sites that had severely eroded away. Change orders added 12 additional sites, increasing the total number of sites increasing the number of sites to 19. The repair process entailed excavating to remove all compromised material and then repairing the slope with a variety of materials including agricultural soil, launch rock, and rock fill. Additionally the repaired slopes were then coated in a hydro seed mix and an erosion control blanket when necessary.

ASCE 2017 Project of the Year Award | Dutra Group | Marine Construction

ASCE 2016 Outstanding Construction Project of the Year Award
Tyler Island Emergency Levee Repair Project

The Tyler Island Emergency Levee Repair Project has received the 2016 Outstanding Construction Project of the Year Award from the American Society of Civil Engineers, Sacramento Section.

Seepage through the levee foundation and lower levee slope during high river flows in early 2017 led to a landside levee slope failure on Tyler ...Island on February 13, 2017.

The lower portion of the landside levee slope rotated into the adjacent toe ditch and agricultural field, collapsing the upper levee slope and all but the waterside 10 feet of the crown.

The Dutra Group was mobilized for an immediate emergency response to provide barge mounted marine construction equipment and materials to construct a rock ballast toe berm to stabilize the levee slope failure and to rebuild the levee section before it failed, flooding the Island and parts of the town of Walnut Grove.

The project was completed 4 days later on February 16, 2017, with no safety incidents.

ASCE 2016 Outstanding Construction Project of the Year Award | Dutra Group

ASCE 2015 Outstanding Flood Management Project of the Year for Drought Emergency
Temporary Rock Barrier Project

Dutra installed a barrier made up of approximately 150,000 tons of embankment rock and 35,500 sf of sheet piles across the West False River between Jersey and Bradford islands. The barrier was to prevent saltwater from pushing with the tides into the central Sacramento- San Joaquin Delta from the San Francisco Bay.

With the drought in its fourth year, this was an essential part of the DWR's strategy to maintain good water quality in the Delta, which provides water to 25 million Californians.

Main challenge was to achieve full closure of False River in 45 days. Liquidated Damages if not completed were $15,000/ day. Actual closure took 23 days, with final placement of remaining rock in 28 days. Challenges included working in the increasing currents of False River.

ASCE 2015 Outstanding Flood Management Project | Dutra Group

Industry Awards
The Dutra Group is honored to announce that our leader and President of the company, Bill T. Dutra has received the Management Award for 2011 from The Beavers Heavy Engineering Construction Association. The Beavers, founded in 1955, is a social, honorary organization formed, organized and managed by the construction companies and individuals who are or have engaged in heavy engineering construction.

The purpose of the Beavers is to promote goodwill, friendliness and consideration within the heavy engineering construction industry; to give recognition to those men and women who have demonstrated particular skill, responsibility and integrity; and to encourage and support entry of promising young individuals into heavy engineering construction.

Annually, the association holds an awards dinner in mid-January where individuals are recognized with a Golden Beaver Award for their achievements and contributions to the heavy construction industry in the categories of Management, Supervision, Engineering and Service & Supply. The awardees are both nominated and voted for by their fellow members.

On January 21, 2011, Bill T. Dutra was presented the award for Management at The Beavers 56th Annual Awards Dinner held at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Beverly Hills. He now joins a long and distinguished group of individuals who have been previously honored and in doing so has brought credit to both him and his profession.

Golden Beaver Award | Dutra Group
Safety Award | Dutra Group

Safety Awards

Safety Honor Roll Award | Dutra Group
Zero Accident Award | Dutra Group

Safety Achievement on Saint Paul Island Dredging Project
Congratulations are in order for Dutra Dredging on their award for 2011 Contractor of the Year from the United States Army Corps of Engineers, Alaska District. Aric Schuster, project engineer for The Dutra Group accepted the award on behalf of Dutra Dredging from Alaska district commander, Colonel Reinhard Koenig during their Celebrate Safety ceremony at JBER-Elmendorf on March 22nd. Dutra won this award for their outstanding safety performance on the Saint Paul Harbor Improvement Phase 3 project, St. Paul Island.

This project constructed harbor improvements at St. Paul, Alaska, including dredging and disposal of approximately 177,000 CY for the entrance channel and maneuvering, mooring, intertidal beach and breakwater berth dredge areas; demolition of an existing rubble-mound breakwater; construction of 1,100 feet of rubble-mound breakwaters and circulation berms in the existing harbor and concrete navigation marker bases, along with other related work.

St. Paul, Alaska is a remote area and subject to notoriously inclement weather and proved to be an extremely difficult location to accomplish a major civil works construction project. The conditions presented many safety hazards, including poor visibility, cold temperatures and slippery surfaces. Implementation of the company’s safety program and emphasis on hazard analysis and communication, with a philosophy of total management and employee involvement was the key to our success.

We are proud of our St. Paul project group: Project Manager Jim Galli, Superintendent Brad Shoffit, Site Safety and Health Manager Brett Schuster, Quality Control System Manager Chris Milam and team for their efforts in achieving this distinguished award.

Safety Achievement on Saint Paul Island Dredging Project | Dutra Group

2007 AWPA Public Works Project of the Year Award for its work on the Department of Water Resources Erosion Repair Project (Sacramento Delta Levee Emergency work)


Winner of the National Award of Excellence in Construction presented by the Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. recognizing Dutra's outstanding quality and innovations for their work on the Quaywall & Turning Basin Project, at the Aircraft Carrier Wharf, Naval Air Station, San Diego, CA

Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.