Marine Construction Projects

Marina Park Project – Marina Basin Construction including Dredging, Bulkheads, Grading, and Soil Remediation
Newport Beach, CA
Construction Duration: February 2014 – September 2014

The Marina Park Project in Newport Beach, California, involves construction of a new community center, sailing center, park area, playgrounds, and marina in four different phases. Dutra Construction is building Phase Two which includes the bulkhead for the new marina, dredging, and grading.

The concrete bulkhead is made up of 239 concrete sheet pile that range from 35’ to 38’ long and 3’ to 4’ wide. Along the top, a radius concrete cap runs the length of the wall. Grouted tiebacks support the bulkhead wall. The total dredge volume for the new marina is 40,000 CY. As the cut material is clean beach sand, 16,500 CY of the dredged sand will be beneficially reused as fill on adjacent City beaches. The remainder will be deposited at a near shore disposal site. Site improvements include stone columns, building pads, and site grading.

San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge Self Anchored Suspension Span – Fender Installation
Construction Duration: June 2013 – April 2014

Dutra once again is part of the replacement of The San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge Eastern Span, a bridge that serves as a vital link between San Francisco and the East Bay. The bridge replacement is the largest public works project in California history.

It all started in 1989 after the Loma Prieta earthquake struck the San Francisco Bay area and a section of the upper deck of the eastern span collapsed onto the lower deck. Dutra was called to action by Caltrans to provide the heavy lift capability for removing and replacing the bridge section.

Seventeen years later the American Bridge/Fluor Joint Venture was awarded the contract for constructing a segment of the new eastern span, the Self Anchored Suspension (SAS) Span. The Self Anchored Suspension Span is the longest single-tower self- anchored suspension bridge in the world. Dutra contracted with American Bridge/Fluor to construct the temporary foundations for supporting the installation of the bridge superstructure and more recently to install the fender system around the base of the pier that supports the main tower.

The fender system design required the installation of sixteen precast concrete segments around the base of the pier, each segment weighing up to 360,000 pounds. The fender segments were cast in Dutra’s Alameda waterside facility, loaded onto barges, and transported to site for installation. Onsite, Dutra first installed steel falsework around the pier to temporarily support the precast segments. Then Dutra’s heavy lift Derrick Barge Paula Lee was used to set them into position. The installation required detailed planning due to the weight of the precast segments in combination with the limited clearance underneath the new bridge. Once the segments were in position a cast in place concrete closure pour was made connecting the precast to the existing pier followed by the removal of the falsework.